Recalled and Dangerous Childrens’ Products

Every year in the U.S., thousands of children are injured or killed by dangerous or defective consumer products. Unfortunately , a product’s dangers or defects are often not revealed until injuries or deaths they cause are reported to the Consumer Product  Safety Commission (CPSC) .  The risk of defective products may seem remote until it hits home in your family.

Baby beds, cribs, car seats and infant carriers have been recalled after children died or were critically injured because of a defect in the product.  Toys, pajamas, playpens and night lights are just a few of the items that can pose a hazard if the materials they are made of are defective, or if they are made in a way that makes them inherently dangerous.

Manufacturers are held accountable for the safety of the products they take to market. The CPSC has guidelines for the manufacture of products for infants and children, and companies that fail to follow those guidelines are held in violation of the standards. Individuals and guardians of individuals injured or killed by defective or dangerous products have a right to seek to recover damages from the companies that made the defective or dangerous product.

As your attorney and advocate, we stand ready to help you and your family  recover just compensation as you move forward.

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