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You Must Read Your Insurance Policy

In the early 2000’s I remember reading a post on an internet forum made by a middle-aged man soliciting advice on how to repair a gaming console. The post was several hundred words long and contained granular descriptions of every aspect of the problem. I faced an identical problem and was gratified by the detail the poster included. However, the only response was by a teenager who posted, “Do you Read More

Beware of Unscrupulous Contractors

If suffering storm damage was not bad enough, parasitic jacklegs usually invade the damage zone following a large-scale disaster. A catastrophic event draws these unscrupulous predators to homes damaged by the storm. Beware of unscrupulous contractors and the misery-upon-misery they inflict. After a storm, among the more troubling calls I receive are from those victimized by unscrupulous contra Read More

Post Loss Duties

May 21, 2020 in Claims , Policies
Property and casualty insurance policies impose obligations on thee insureds making claiming covered losses. In some cases, breach of these post loss duties may have harsh consequences, as in the following cautionary tale. I once had a homeowner call me about problems he was having with his insurance company. The caller, who I will call “Bob,” described that his roof had been damaged in a winds Read More

Business Interruption Insurance and Covid-19

We have received a number of inquiries recently regarding business interruption coverage in light of the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders. Business interruption coverage, also called business income and extra expense insurance, replaces income lost and expenses paid in the event of a disaster that causes a business to close or cut back its operations. Please note that focus of this post is business Read More

Does Endorsing Your Claim Check Release an Insurer?

We see a great many underpaid insurance claims, particularly following damaging weather events. The insurer paid the insured something following the loss, just not enough. I am frequently asked, “But doesn’t accepting and endorsing a claims check release the insurer from further liability on the claim?” The answer depends on the relationship between the insurance company and the person Read More

Replacement Cost Coverage

There are any number of standard insurance provisions that inspire fear and loathing in homeowners. Deductibles, co-insurance, and duties after loss all have the potential for causing teeth gnashing. However, none seem quite as unsettling as the manner in which claims for Replacement Cost Coverage are adjusted.

The insurance industry generally relies on a two step valu Read More

Half of the Roof is a Different Color

I once represented a family upon whose house a large tree branch had fallen. A significant portion – but not all – of the roof shingles were damaged and due to be replaced by my client’s homeowner’s policy. The roof was 10 years old and composed of green architectural shingles that were no longer available. The family came to me because their insurance company refused to replace the wh Read More

Homeowners Insurance Claims FAQ

Homeowner frequently ask the same questions about insurance claims.

What is a homeowners insurance claim?

An insurance claim is a request to an insurance company for compensation when the person with the insurance has a loss or sustains damage that is caused by an event or peril covered by the insurance agreement or policy.

My property ha Read More

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